At Slagle Financial,
we want to be your financial quarterback.

Why? Because we believe everyone should be able to have the retirement they have always dreamed of.

We want to help you create a retirement strategy that fits your unique needs and goals — and coach you every step of the way. Our specialty is working with retirees and people who want to retire in the next five to 10 years.

Let our team assist you with every aspect of your financial life. Have questions about income, investing, estate planning, taxes or health care? We’re here to help.

In fact, our advisors are retirement experts who are focused on one thing and one thing only: preserving your wealth and efficiently passing it on to your loved ones.

It’s time to win in retirement!

Your Slagle Financial Leadership Team

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Chad A. Slagle President & Founder

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Chad A. Tobin Senior Partner & Chief Investment Officer

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Holly Averill Client Operations Director

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Sarah Newton Chief Operations Officer

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Christine Polansky Marketing Operations Director

Advisory Team

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Nick E. Webb Financial Advisor

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Bobby Sims Financial Advisor

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Jeff Cherry Financial Advisor

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Connor Bouse Financial Advisor

Client Service


Brogan Walters Servicing Advisor

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Lacey Smith Client Operations Specialist


Aaron Keune Servicing Advisor


Lee Nosbisch Client Service Specialist

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Josh Ohl Client Service Specialist


Ethan Flinn Client Service Specialist

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Blake Williams Client Service Specialist

Client Relations

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Taylor Beebe Client Operations Specialist


Amy Slowinski Client Relations Administrator


Bailey Roland Client Relations Administrator



Alison Conway Lead Marketing Coordinator

Wendy Erikson

Wendy Erikson Media Coordinator


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Grayson Slagle Intern