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We know that the biggest concern retirees have is running out of money in retirement. That’s why we’ve developed our Financial GPS — a Guided Planning System to help you on the journey to and through retirement.

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Financial GPS

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Here are the five steps of GPS:

Step 1: Risk Assessment & Investment Strategy

What’s your appetite for risk, both ahead of and when you reach retirement? We’ll develop a plan that matches your tolerance level and promotes growth.

Step 2:
Income Planning

What kind of lifestyle do you hope to enjoy in retirement? We’ll work together to determine that answer and craft a strategy that helps ensure you’ll have enough money to live it out.

Step 3:
Tax Planning

Are you on track to withdraw your money in retirement in the most tax-efficient way possible? We’ll review your situation with a big-picture approach to discover how much you can save.

Step 4: Health Care & Long-Term Care Planning

Could your retirement sustain an unexpected hit to your health? We’ll look at this often-overlooked aspect of retirement planning and see if you’d have enough to cover potential expenses.

Step 5:
Estate Planning

Will your loved ones be set up for success after your passing? We’ll work to make your life savings as secure and tax efficient as possible to help foster a seamless and impactful transition.