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Chad A. Slagle

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Chad A. Slagle President & Founder

Hi, I’m Chad Slagle. I started Slagle Financial in 1995 out of the back of my red Chevy pickup truck.

Today, my team and I educate and empower retirees and pre-retirees throughout seven offices in Illinois, Missouri, and Florida to help them make better decisions with their hard-earned dollars.

Slagle Financial was built to assist families. After my grandparents were forced to work their entire lives, I made it my mission to make sure no other retirees have to work themselves into the grave.

“Don’t live to work, work to live.”

As a husband and father of four, I know the value of family. Our team is here to make sure you are able to enjoy your retirement with your loved ones and assure they are always protected.

We build personalized retirement plans for our clients to help get them on the right track to a secure and enjoyable retirement and leave a legacy for those who mean the most to them.

Through our show, “The Chad Slagle Show: Coaching You to and Through Retirement,” and book, “Winning in Retirement: When Every Day is Saturday,” we are spreading the extreme importance of planning for retirement.

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